Get Ready For Summer With Wilkinson Sword!

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The long summer days filled with sunshine are almost here, I am already starting to plan my summer holiday and I literally cannot wait to stay somewhere warmer than London. Recently I attended a Topiary Class with Wilkinson Sword where I received bikini trimmers to try. This topic always comes up before the summer as we wonder whether to sacrifice and do bikini waxing, shave or don't do anything at all. Wilkinson launched two trimmers and they make life so much easier without any pain, so here is how to prepare for summer with Wilkinson Sword!

Step 1 Choose Your Razor
Before you do anything it is important to choose a good quality razor so that it doesn't irritate this sensitive area. Wilkinson offers two options, Hydro Silk Bikini for Women and Quattro For Women  Silk Bikini. 

Hydro Silk Bikini for Women 
This is the Blue trimmer, and it is designed especially for dry skin. It contains a water-activated serum with marine extracts and Shea butter which helps to replenish skin's moisture. It contains 5 razor blades which adapt to the skin. It also has an adjustable comb with 4 settings so you can choose the desired length. It won the 2015 Beauty Awards so you can be sure that it is great product. Available from Boots, £14.99. 

Quattro For Women Bikini 
This is the Orange trimmer, which is designed for normal skin. It comes with a shower grip so you can keep it in the shower and use whenever you need to. It has 4 ultra thin blades and a conditioning strip enriched with Papaya and Pearl complex to nourish the skin. I really liked this product, as it gives a close shave, leaving the area very smooth. The trimmer works very well as well and you can set different lengths. I experienced no irritation, red marks or ingrown hair so I would recommend this!  Available from Boots, £10.99.

Step 2 Trim Your Hair
Set the trimmer to a desired length and then trim your hair however you want.

Step 3 Soften The Hair
Take the shower for 5-10 minutes to soften the hair prior to exfoliating and shaving. 

Step 4 Exfoliate The Skin
Choose a light exfoliant and massage it into your skin in circular motions. Exfoliation prepares the skin for shaving and reduces the chances of ingrown hair.  

Step 5 Shave  
Apply an intimate soap to make shaving easier, and use the razor in the direction of the hair growth to  prevent ingrown hair and irritation. 

Step 6 Moisturise
When you come out of the shower, pat your skin dry and apply a light moisturiser. 

Remember to regularly change your blades to ensure that the they are always sharp, and to avoid any infections Always throw away the razor if it looks rusty!

Ania's advice:
1. Book your summer holiday!
2. Hit the gym!
3. Remember to moisturise


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