Jewellery Box

Hi Stunning! 
Recently, I discovered this new brand called Jewellery Box, available online. The brand is based in South London, offering over 8,000 pieces of sterling silver and 9 oct gold jewellery. It was launched in 2014 and has been very successful, sending over 10,000 orders a week to 100 customers worldwide. The pieces are very unique and you can choose from delicate necklaces or the ones with heavier stones. Each piece is individually packaged in a lovely paper box on a soft 'cushion' which protects it from any possible damage. 

Abella Bee Beautiful Hand Stamped Bangle in Sterling Silver and 18ct Dipped Gold 
This is my favourite item from this selection. It looks great with a casual style, so you can match it with jeans or a smart casual dress too. It is made of sterling silver with a small gold element. The bracelet is very light, and can be worn with other pieces as well. Available here for £30.

18ct Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace 
I have been looking for a necklace with an infinity sign for quite a while now so I was delighted that I finally found one. I chose the rose gold colour but it us available in silver and gold as well. It is a very delicate necklace, and you can see my photo on Instagram where I am wearing it. It comes on a 16-18 inch chain. Available here for £7.45.

18ct Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelet with clasp
Like the necklace above, this bracelet is also in rose gold. The necklace and the bracelet complement each other and look stunning together. Available here for £6.35.

The products are great quality and are very affordable as well so you can buy many pieces and don't spend a lot. You get free UK delivery over £10 so it is a win win situation ;) 

Ania's advice:
1. Mix and match different metals
2. Check out Jewellery Box 
3. Take your boyfriend's credit card ;)


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