Tips For Keeping Your Makeup Brushes Perfect

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Today I have a special treat for you! A guest post by Stacey Fletcher, a Makeup Artist for She has prepared some tips of how to take care of your makeup brushes and your skin! is an online store where you can find a wide selection of makeup brushes featuring brands such as Real Techniques, Eco Tools, Brush Works and many others. Head over to the website to check out the range, but be careful as you won't be able to leave empty handed :) 
Decent makeup brushes shouldn’t be cheap and disposible, they should be seen as a high quality investment, showing your love for your skin and your desire to have the best make up application and the most flawless finish. It’s so important to keep your brushes in an immaculate condition, not only so you can get continued use out of them, but also to get the best quality use and to keep your skin healthy. 

Here are just a few tips on keeping your brushes in perfect condition…

Keep them clean
You can choose to use a daily cleanser spritz if you wish, but always give them a regular deep clean at least once a month, to keep them clean and remove any bacteria that may be building. There are a few ways you can clean your brushes; massaging baby shampoo or brush cleaner into your brushes and rinsing, using a brush cleaning tool with varying textures and even swirling your brushes over a plain bar of soap.

Using a conditioner on your brushes will restore the softness within the bristles, keeping them fresh and allowing you longer use. Use the same conditioner you’d use on your hair, it doesn’t need to be a fancy one and all you need to do is rub the conditioner into the bristles and rinse before rinsing it out.

Dry them upside down
Makeup brushes are all shaped differently in order to do different things – when you’re drying your brushes it’s best to dry them upside down with the bristles facing downwards, encouraging the bristles to fall back into place. Drying with the bristles facing upwards can lead to pressure on the bristles, which can result in shedding and mis-shaping.

Stand them up
If your brush comes with a protective pouch, then there’s not really any excuse for having bent or damaged bristles. Most brushes, particularly singular brushes, don’t come with a protective pouch though, so grab yourself a small glass or a vase, add coffee beans to the base, and keep them upright with the bristles facing up, not down.

By Stacey Fletcher, Makeup Artist for

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