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Hello Gorgeous!
I hope summer is treating you well and you managed to get a bit of a tan already. During the summer, we always look to recharge our batteries and get a bit of 'me' time. I found that the best time to relax is by going to a Spa, or if not possible, creating your own Spa at home. An essential part of a home Spa are dimmed light and aromatherapy of course. My current home Spa essential is the Epoch Diffuser.

About the Epoch diffuser 
The Epoch diffuser is the most stunning home diffuser that is available on the market. It has a customisable exterior, which you can easily change whenever you like. The wooden looking top looks amazing in darker interiors, whilst the white one fits into the lighter interiors but you can also change it depending on your mood.

The diffuser uses highly efficient ultrasonic vibration technology to diffuse the chosen essential oil into the air, allowing you to experience the effects of aromatherapy almost immediately. Aromatherapy has many benefits for health, helping to unwind, relax and helping with respiratory problems. The diffuser not only will become an essential part of your evening but it will also become a beautiful addition to the interior of your home. Available from Nu Skin Website, £42.70.

How to use
The diffuser is very simple to use, you need to add mineral or deionised water to the diffuser, then choose an essential oil depending on your mood (3-6 drops). I suggest adding 6 for a more intense scent. Use the diffuser in temperatures 10-30 degrees. Turn on, breathe, relax. 

Epoch Essential Oils- Discovery 
The oils can be either ordered with the diffuser in the Epoch Essential Oils - Experience Kit or separately in the Epoch Essential Oils- Discovery (Photo above). This set consists of 3 essential oils which are Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender as well as an aromatic stone. Those are single oils, which mean that each one includes only one type of oil. The lavender is ideal for relaxing after a stressful day, peppermint will revive your senses, and lemon will help you wake-up and make your home feel fresh. 

The aromatic stone included is a great product to be used on the go. All you need to do is add 5 drops of your favourite oil and smell it whenever you need. I always carry it in my handbag, currently loving to lavender. Available from Nu Skin Website, £92.62. 

Epoch Essential Oils - Experience Kit 
This set is the best value for money! It includes the Epoch Diffuser, 4 essential oil blends and an aromatic stone. Available from Nu Skin Website, £162.55  The 4 oils are: 

Chill - Eucalyptus Pine Blend. Fresh, eucalyptus smell, ideal for times when you need to breathe in, cool down and relax.
Peace - Lavender Bergamot Blend. The ideal blend for regaining balance, lavender being one of my favourite scent notes ensured that this bend is always on my favourites' shelf.
Sunshine - Citrus Mint Blend. Awakening and refreshing, ideal for early mornings, and weekends at home.
Harmony - Cinnamon Clove Blend. This is an oil you can use during evening at home when all you need is to feel cosy with a book or a movie. It will be perfect for the Christmas period as well!

My favourite oils from the Epoch range are Lavander, Peppermint, Chill and Peace, however all of the oils smell divine. Honestly, everyone should have this diffuser at home, and I guarantee you that once you start using it, you won't be able to live without it. 

Ania's advice:
1. Get the Epoch Diffuser
2. Find your favourite oils
3. Relax 


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