Atlantavive Ocean Oak Bath Soak

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With summer coming to an end I wanted to post about the Atlantavive Ocean Oak Bath Soak to bring you back to the long days at the beach and chilly evenings surrounded by sea breeze. One day I came across this brand, and since I am a fan of water sports, and spend every free time I have at the sea, I was very excited to try it. 

About Atlantavive 
Altlantavive is a boutique health and skin care brand from Ireland. The brand uses traditional methods to create the healing and nourishing products using the local Ocean Oak (Fucus Vesiculosus). The products are inspired by the natural restorative powers of the sea and the Irish coastal landscape, and of course, they are 100% organic. The seaweed is harvested sustainably off the West Coast of Ireland during October and March when the seaweed is most nutritious. 

Ocean Oak is well known for its health and skincare benefits. The ingredients it contains have healing properties:
Iodine which helps to heals skin burns, insect bites, eczemma and inflammation.
Mineral elements known for restorative powers and nourishing properties
-Ocean Oak known for skin cleansing, reinforcing skin's elasticity,  nourishing and anti- ageing. It also removes toxins from the body.

Contents Of The Box 
- Exclusively Crafted Paulownia Wooden Box
- 400g of Ocean Oak Bath Soak 
- Sinamey Soak Bag 
- Instructions 

How To Use
First turn off your phone so that no one disturbs you during your relaxing experience. Light up candles and turn on relaxing music so that you get the most out of this time. 

- Fill your bath with hot water only. Take the Ocean Oak seaweed out of its biodegradable packaging  and place in the sinamey bag, close the bag and drop it carefully into the water. Alternatively this Ocean Oak seaweed can be placed directly in your bath.  

- Leave the hot water to extract the oils and minerals from the seaweed for 5-8 minutes. When the water is at a temperature that is safe and comfortable, gently squeeze the seaweed. 

- Ensuring that the water is at your desired temperature, carefully ease yourself into the seaweed bath leaving behind the cares of the day. 

- Once immersed in the bath, feel rebalanced as the oils envelop your skin, while the iodine infused minerals relax the tired skin. Gently exfoliate and massage the oils into your body and feel your skin soften. 

- Once you feel replenished, your muscles feel relaxed and your mind is calm, take deep breaths and prepare yourself for movement. Lift yourself from the bath, taking care not to slip.

- When finished, remove the seaweed from the bath and leave it to dry. This process can be repeated 2-3 times within 48 hours. Ocean Oak is biodegradable so please give it back to nature. 

The whole experience with the Ocean Oak soak is truly relaxing. The bathroom fills with the smell of sea and if you close your eyes you can feel the sea breeze. I took the bath 3 days in a row to fully maximise the benefits of this product and my skin felt revitalised and nourished. This home spa treatment is ideal after a long day at the office, long journey or when you need to unwind. A must-try product. The Atlantavive Ocean Oak Bath Soak is available from Atlantavive website, for £25.40. 

Ania's advice:
1. Turn off your phone
2. Relax your body and mind
3. Feel the benefits of the sea


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