Ellesse Sportswear and Stretching

Hello Everyone!

Hope your first autumn days are going well and you are still finding the motivation to go outside and workout. For those of you who are home lovers and find it difficult to leave the house when it is dark and cold outside I suggest stretching at home! All you need is a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a bottle of water. 

First remember to put on clothing that is breathable, comfortable and allows you to move freely. I am wearing items from Ellesse Collection which are designed to make your workout as comfortable as possible with fast-drying, sweat-wicking material which is very elastic. Available from JD Sports

Top Tip: Tie your hair up so that it doesn't bother you and you are ready to stretch!

I have my own stretching postures that are a mix of Yoga and stretching which I select depending on my mood. Lately I am doing a lot of gym workout, kickboxing and inline skating which means I need to stretch after every training so my Yoga mat is always ready. 

Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles, reduces risk of injury as well as muscle soreness. I noticed that whenever I stretch after exercise, I do not have sore muscles the next day but the moment I forget, next day is difficult to get through. So remember to always stretch after exercising!

At the end of your workout and stretching find some time to relax and meditate. Push all your thoughts away and relax your body and mind. It might be difficult at first but with practice you will be able to control your mind and escape from everyday problems during your meditation time. 

I wish you all great stretching time and send me your outfits and essentials

In the photos I am wearing:
Ellesse Read 2-In-1 Vest, £28, Available from JD Sports
Ellesse Greta Tape Sports Bra, £18, Available from JD Sports
Ellesse Renn Tape Tights Available from JD Sports

All items are Exclusive to JD Sports

Ania's advice:
1. Pick comfortable outfit
2. Alway stretch after workout 
3. Stay fit!


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